Although I took it as a vacation week. A week off to me implies laying around , or a hammock or something!

 The Weekthun was one of the most significant events in my journey. Probably the best week and most impactful happpening  since my taking the Refuge Vow in April. Becoming a buddhist was big, of course, but the Weekthun must be a close second. I learned so much about myself and the way I need to comport myself in the world.

I was saying to Kathryn Hickman, the extraordinary leader of the Weekthun, that find it hard to believe that I will re-enter the ‘real world’ without taking the outlook and practice from the Weekthun with me. 

It was a transformative experience. The 9 hours of daily meditation and 4 days of silence made the experience profound-I think for all of the participants!

Kunga Shiwa & the Search for Enlightenment Buddhism

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