Everyone who has an interest in Western Buddhism has heard about Buddhist Project Sunshine http://andreamwinn.com/offerings/project_sunshine/

The revelations about the Sakyong hit me hard. The project’s phase 2 report is found here http://andreamwinn.com/project_sunshine/Buddhist_Project_Sunshine_Phase_2_Final_Report.pdf

The part 2 report is sub-titled a “3- month Initiative To Bring Healing Light To Sexualized Violence At The Core Of The Shambhala Buddhist Community”.

What have I gotten myself into? Are those people who called Shambhala a cult right? Who have I hitched my wagon to?

I was honoured to take Refuge at Shambhala. Becoming a Buddhist means so much to me. I have to remind myself that the teachings, and the 2,500 years of accumulated wisdom, are independent of the Sakyong.So what if my leader cannot live by more than 1 of the 5 precepts?

These precepts are:

1. I vow to refrain from taking life
2. I vow to refrain from taking what is not given
3. I vow to refrain from sexual misconduct
4. I vow to refrain from false speech
5. I vow to refrain from intoxicants, which lead to carelessness

OK, So the Sakyong hasn’t killed anybody. One out of 5 ain’t bad! (LOL)

I am struggling because the teachings and the Sangha are valid and wonderful.I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am a Buddhist and the best of what that means is pretty darn good.

I need more thought, more soul-searching. More later.

Kunga Shiwa & the Search for Enlightenment Buddhism

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